June 23, 2022

By Diego Sellanes

June 3, 2022

By Natalia Cohn

NLP Transformer DIET explained

Transformers are a type of neural network architecture that has revolutionized the industry in the past years. Its popularity has been rising because of the models’ ability to outperform state-of-the-art models in neural machine translation and other several tasks. At Marvik, we have used these models in several NLP projects and would like to share … Continued

The first steps towards an autonomous vehicle detection system

Autonomous vehicles are great, but it seems hard to get into that world, right?  What should be your starting point? Autonomous vehicles should be capable of handling multiple sensors and actuators. Such tasks are orchestrated on powerful hardware and must manage an extremely reliable control system.  Don’t get overwhelmed if you don’t know what to … Continued

Welcome to Marvik Digest 🚀

We’ve got some exciting news.    We are happy to announce the launch of Marvik Digest 🙌 🚀 We will get you up to date on the most relevant topics that were discussed in the ML community in the past weeks.    Want us to cover a specific topic? DM or ping us to [email protected]Continued

Identifying great talents: From CVs to skillsets applying NLP

Intro The challenge of connecting talents with employment opportunities has been a major task of recruiters for a long time. The search is always scoped to budget, job specs and time, so doubt always arises: are we getting the best match? or a good enough one? Recommendation Systems are a powerful tool to provide users … Continued

Vertex AI + Kubeflow tutorial

Usually, taking a ML model from the experimentation environment to production consumes a huge amount of time and resources. Vertex AI makes it easy to train, deploy and compare model results. It is an excellent tool that allows us to focus on ML solutions rather than infrastructure management. In the following post, we will dive … Continued

Thinking of applying for a job at Marvik?

Who are we? Marvik is a hands-on machine learning consulting firm. We do tailor developments for companies who need to solve a complex problem using AI but can’t do it internally. This usually means they need results faster than it takes to build an internal team or just can’t get enough skilled people. This article … Continued

A summary of our 2021 and what’s next for 2022

We are almost at the end of a new year in Marvik. It was an excellent year, where the company grew a lot and we achieved many goals, but above all a year of personal and professional growth for the whole team, solving challenging technical problems and where we also had a lot of fun … Continued

When electronics meets machine learning

In this post we attempt to summarize the experience of working on a project that combines signal processing, machine learning and electronics. Its goal was to develop a manipulable sensor-embedded device from which to infer the kind of movement or activity performed by its user. By inference we mean the classification of the activity based … Continued

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