March 15, 2022

By Federico Baiocco

January 28, 2022

By Rodrigo Beceiro

NeurIPS official meetup 2020

At Marvik, we are proud to announce that we were selected to organize an official NeurIPS 2020 meetup. Neural Information Processing Systems annual meeting -aka NeurIPS- is one of the most prestigious Machine Learning conferences. The meetup will be hosted virtually during NeurIPS, from December 7th through December 10th. Stay tuned, more details and confirmed … Continued

Social Distancing: a computer vision approach

Social distancing has been proven to be one of the most effective measures against the spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID19). As part of the so-called ‘New Normality’, many institutions have implemented different ways of controlling distances, from stickers on the floor up to applications or alarm bracelets. This post will present a computer vision … Continued

AWS Sagemaker Neo with Keras

Quickly validate if SageMaker Neo will lower latency and costs. You have your new shiny model and want to lower latency and costs, let’s get up and running.   In this post we will: Save a trained Keras model Compile it with SageMaker Neo Deploy it to EC2   1. Compile model Where you feed your model to Neo. We will … Continued

Marvik Named a Top B2B Company in Uruguay

At Marvik, we put our customers first! Our mission is to help make artificial intelligence seamless and ubiquitous by helping companies identify opportunities, leverage their data, and make data-driven decisions to transform businesses realities. Every year, Clutch announces their Leader Awards, the highest-ranking B2B companies according to geographic location and service lines. This year, they … Continued

How to start with Artificial Intelligence?

There’s a lot of hype around AI but it is sometimes hard to know where to start learning. There are a lot of resources out there and we will try to cover the best of them for whatever your needs are. If you don’t yet know what is AI, I suggest you read this post that explains … Continued

Big Data from scratch

What is Big Data? The term Big Data is used to define huge volumes of data, both structured and unstructured, that are expensive and complex to process using traditional database and analytics technologies. The 3 Vs of Big Data Volume: Big Data systems handle massive scales of data. From terabytes to petabytes. The term “Big … Continued

What is Artificial Intelligence and why now?

To understand what is Artificial Intelligence or AI we first need to be on the same page about what is to be intelligent? Intelligence is defined as the ability of the mind to learn, understand, reason, take decisions and to form an idea of a given reality. The following question we could ask ourselves is what’s the most … Continued

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