September 7, 2022

Marvik Digest #4

By Natalia Cohn

🚀 Welcome to the latest Marvik Digest 🚀

Last month we covered some interesting stories involving new advances in Conversational AI, NVIDIA’s latest achievement on neural graphics primitives, the challenges of Real-Time Bidding in digital advertising, and more. 

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Advances in Conversational AI with BlenderBot 2.0

🚀 New advances in #ConversationalAI 🚀

Meta AI Research has built and open-sourced #BlenderBot 2.0, the first chatbot that can at the same time build long-term memory it can continually access, search the internet for timely information, and have high-level conversations on almost any topic.

🟢 Main highlights:

📌 Significant update to the original BlenderBot – it’s better at conducting longer, more knowledgeable, and factually consistent conversations over multiple sessions.

📌 Uses a model based on Facebook’s #RetrievalAugmentedGeneration — it allows to generate dialogue responses that include knowledge beyond that contained in the conversation itself.

📌 The model takes pertinent information extracted during conversation and stores it in a long-term memory so it can then leverage this knowledge in ongoing conversations that may continue for days, weeks, or even months.

📌 During conversation, the model can generate contextual internet search queries, read the results, and incorporate that information when responding to people’s questions and comments.

📌 The complete model, code, evaluation setup, and two new conversational data sets used to train the model were released → incentive to reproduce and advance on research.

➡️ More on this new model here:

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NVIDIA’s Instant NeRF gets awarded

🏅NVIDIA’s Instant #NeRF awarded as #SIGGRAPH’s 2022 Best Paper 🏅

“Instant Neural Graphics Primitives with a Multiresolution Hash Encoding” demonstrates near-instant training of neural graphics primitives on a single #GPU for multiple tasks.

🟢 Main takeaways:

📌 Reduces costs of training neural graphics primitives, with a new input encoding that allows the use of a smaller network without compromising on quality

📌 Achieves combined speedup of several orders of magnitude

📌 Training of high-quality neural graphics primitives in seconds

📌 Rendering in tens of milliseconds at 1920×1080

📌 Source code and other resources available

➡️ More on #NeRF here: 

#neuralnetworks #deeplearning #deepneuralnetworks #machinelearning #neuralgraphicsprimitive #artificialintelligence #ai


SimpleChains.jl for small neural networks

When using #ML general frameworks, you usually have to sacrifice performance for specific tasks. 

Practitioners can now quickly build ML implementations that greatly outperform the frameworks in specialized cases using The Julia Language’s new package #SimpleChains.jl. 


📌 Developed by Pumas-AI, Inc. and Julia Computing in collaboration with Roche and the University of Maryland

📌 Started as a solution for scientific machine learning (#SciML) in healthcare data analytics

📌 Its purpose: to be as fast as possible for small neural networks → 📌 Runs at least 5x faster than #PyTorch on #SNN

📌 Not universally applicable, but useful for specific cases

➡️ Click here to learn more about SimpleChains.jl:

#smallneuralnetworks #machinelearning #deeplearning #ai #artificialintelligence #MLframeworks #ScientificMachineLearning


Real-Time Bidding in digital advertising

In our latest blog post, our #datascientist María Sofía Pérez Casulo gives a walkthrough of the Real-Time Bidding (#RTB) process in digital advertising and its challenges. She discusses the main challenges of RTB and presents alternative strategies to optimize its bidding price, a key aspect to improve campaign performances and increase profits.

“Real-time bidding (RTB) is a challenging matter, and definitely an excellent opportunity to apply deep-learning techniques. As the industry becomes more mature, more challenges and fruitful research opportunities arise”.

👉 Visit our blog for the full story 

#machinelearning #artificialintelligence #datascience #advertising #priceoptimization #deeplearning #priceauction #bidshading #bid #AdaptiveDistributionModeling #realtimebidding #rtbframework

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